Sunday, July 26, 2009

Truth is Currency

This is one of those blogs that popped up in my head at about 3 this morning. I can't get it out of my head, so I'll put it up and hopefully it makes sense.

What is truth? Truth is the currency that all good things are based around and the bad things are always seeking to destroy. Truth is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction, and yet it is also an impenetrable wall protecting those who defend it. Truth is the light in the darkness, and yet the road to truth is often the hardest road to find. Truth is unbreakable; truth can shatter the soul into infinitisimal pieces. Truth is as hard and cold as ice, yet sometimes it warms and comforts us to the core.

I think about truth a lot. I try to base everything I do and say around it, even though I know it may be hard to accept sometimes. The hardest thing for me is that truth has a tendency to change based on perception. Not only that, but opinion has its say on truth. I dare say that 'the right thing' for some is not necessarily true for others.

So, riddle me this Batman...what IS truth?

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  1. Good question. My opinion on truth is is something such as a value or belief that is more than a value or belief, because it has been proven over and over and therefore is no longer questionable. We don't need to question whether or not there is a star in the middle of our solar system that provides light and heat around which our planet revolves. It just is. Truth governs everything, because it will not change. Now, this is where it gets even better. Is it true that we could wake up tomorrow and our sun would be gone? Sure. And all life on earth would end as we know it. We need it. Therefore, what is it that makes all those things happen. Who writes truth? That's the real question. Because, truth can't just exist by itself. That wouldn't make any sense. So, I pose you a question. Why do we have it? Who is it for? When was it created? Where did it start? How do we know it is true?