Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dear Mykayla

Dear Mykayla,

For 8 years now, I have waited for you.

I have sold guitars, healed injured muscles, graduated college, climbed mountains, written novels, run races, carried burdens, cried rivers, and overcome obstacle after obstacle, all in hope that you would soon arrive. All of this, to ensure that you would have a safe, secure place to call home and a father you could be proud of.

Your mother has waited her whole life for you.

She has worked tirelessly to build a foundation for you. In her own superhuman way, she has built a system of organization and precision that will allow you to have anything you want, if you are willing to follow her lead. She has chased her dreams, and only one has escaped her.


Your mother and I have ached to see your face, to hold your tiny hands, to hear your sweet little voice. We have longed to hold you close when you are scared, to sing you to sleep when you have bad dreams.

For 9 months now, we have expected you.

From a single cell to the size of a watermelon, we've seen you grow. We've told you stories and played you songs. Our thoughts are always with you and being the best parents that we can be.

Little Love, you are the stars in the sky. Your time is coming soon, and we will love you to the moon and back.

Sleep well, little one. Tomorrow is yours for the taking. Or any day after you choose to make your birthday.

And you must never forget
your daddy will always love you.