Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lateral Move

Sometimes looking in the mirror reminds me of speaking with an old friend. Someone long removed from my personal life; someone I'd almost forgotten. Mirrors never lie. Our reflections look us in the eye, never stab us in the back, and they never spare the details. I think mirrors have a lot of power. Late at night, sometimes I'll just stand and look in the mirror. Not because I'm beautiful, but more that I feel I need to know myself a bit better. I have spent a lot of my life awake when I should have been sleeping, although lately I feel it's more the opposite.

Life has an interesting way of maneuvering us into different positions for things to happen. People often act surprised when life throws them off track a little, but honestly I don't feel that the 'track' is all that linear. Birds don't fly in a straight line all the time, nor do fish swim directly forward eternally. I have a hard time believing that forward is always the best option.

I've heard the term 'lateral move' a lot lately. Basically it means that you decide on something that doesn't increase your position nor hurt you in the long run. There's nothing wrong with lateral moves; in football, sometimes moving to the outside can open up the field. Others, you get annihilated by a linebacker. Either way, 'lateral moves' are irrelevant. It's the person making the choice that matters.

Don't get me wrong; I definitely think we should be trying to move forward in all aspects of our lives. But I've had a hard time throughout my life at any point that I feel I am just standing still. A mentor of mine has said that even though we are on the right track, that doesn't mean you won't get hit by a train if you're just standing still. That has stuck with me a lot lately. I want to progress, but the opportunity hasn't quite presented itself yet.

So, I will pretend to be a patient person and make a lateral move. I am going to take the time I have before the proverbial train arrives and better myself in ways that don't relate to my ultimate goal. I have songs to write, a book to finish, and a new album to record. I have friends I haven't seen in what feels like a decade and friends I still am yet to make. I have books to read, weight to lose, and projects to finish. I'm making a lateral move.

I know I haven't posted in a while, and that too is something I want to change. Blogs are a great way to vent pent-up emotions, so buckle up. This might happen more than just once every three months. Those of you in my life who support me, I thank you. Those that don't; well, I'll prove you wrong.