Friday, January 9, 2009

Best and Worst of 2008

Well kids, I'm new at this blogging thing. This is the maiden voyage post, so I hope you enjoy it. These are the Best and Worst Albums and Movies of the Year Awards (the Steves).

Best Albums

1. Trapt: Only Through the Pain...
This was definitely the most surprisingly good album I purchased this year. I've been a fan of Trapt for a very long time, but I haven't expected much since their 2005 release "Someone in Control." Needless to say I was disappointed with that one...Anywho OTTP is their top-tier release of their 3. The songs I found the most enjoyable are "Who's Going Home With You Tonight?", with it's catchy rockin' chorus, and "Only One in Color" filling in as the lovey ballad thing. Honorable mention goes to "Ready When You Are", just because I've been there.

2. Hinder: Take It to the Limit
I know, I know...Hinder is one of the most overplayed, and up until now, overrated bands on the planet. This album took a different turn than their first album, "Extreme Behavior." They gave up trying to be 'hard rock' and embraced their southern roots to fall in to the 'dirty rock' category. The guitar work is excellent, and every track has something to offer. Not to mention the fact that it can get your adrenaline pumping. This is an excellent work-out soundtrack. Check out "Take It to the Limit", "Heaven Sent", and their single "Use Me".

3. Allred: The Sound
For years now I've been boosting local artist John Allred to anyone with ears. I've enjoyed every album the man has put out, but this one is different. I pretty much want to get down on my knees and perform the "We're not worthy!" thingy from Wayne's World. I adore this album! The heartfelt lyrics blended with John's soulful voice tie you up by the heartstrings as you listen to message-packed record. My favs are "Luna", "This Last Line", and "Stay".

4. Nickleback: Dark Horse
Now I know not everyone digs the Canadians that sound like southern rock. I happen to be a huge fan. Love them or hate them, you cannot deny the success these guys have had since their American debut in the early 2000's. If you are a fan, check out "Gotta Be Somebody", "Never Gonna Be Alone", and "Shaking Hands".

Honorable Mentions: Rev Theory: "Light it Up", Red: "End of Silence", Metallica: "Death Magnetic", and The Offspring: "Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace".

My Disappointments

1. David Cook: Self-Titled
I can't say too much to rag this album. Let's just say that after hearing Chris Daughtry's first album, then comparing it to this, Daughtry gets the Idol Rocker title a little longer. But make sure to check out "Permanent", "Life on the Moon", and "Declaration".

2. Fall Out Boy: Folie' a Deux
I was very VERY let down by this one. The lead-off single "I Don't Care" is pretty much the only song that didn't make me cry a little inside due to sub-par writing. It's basically a bunch of songs not good enough for their previous albums "Infinity on High", and "From Under the Cork Tree".

3. Buckcherry: Black Butterfly
2006 album "Fifteen" pretty much rearranged my favorite bands with Buckcherry soaring to the northern end. "Black Butterfly" was iffy for me. Worth purchasing? Yes. Just by "Fifteen" first.

P.S.- I got really sick of that "All Summer Long" song by Kid Rock.

Best Movies of the Year

1. The Dark Knight- Hands down my favorite movie. R.I.P. Heath Ledger. No one can replace The Joker.

2. Wanted- Amazing movie. Angelina Jolie is absolutely smokin' in this movie. Not all that unusual, but this one has a killer story too.

3. Death Race- Very cool movie. Jason Statham kicks some serious butt...not too much story in his way either, but it's like a Twisted Metal movie! (TM is a Playstation game series where cars with weapons blow each other up).

4. Iron Man- Not as good as the Dark Knight, but still a very solid superhero movie. Robert Downey Jr. is Keisha's new crush...

Let Downs

1. The Ruins- Looked like a really awesome scary movie, raw and primal. But plants really aren't that scary.

2. Tropic Thunder- Keish loved it. I didn't much care for it. I laughed a bit yes, but it kind of gave away the funniest parts in the previews.

3. Prom Night- I can't say I loved it. I can't say I hated it. Unfortunately all I can say is "eh."

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