Tuesday, January 13, 2009

American Idol vs. American Idiocy

Only once a year (for a number of weeks) do we get to see the phenomenon known as American Idol...which is both regrettable yet at the same time a bit fortunate. I find myself drawn to it, both as a fan of music, and as a fan of trainwrecks (musically of course). It is indeed an oddity in my personality; I'm not often conflicted on things. But this is different...I guess...

First of all, one must divulge the x-factor of American Idol...the raw musical talent buried deep in the small towns and large cities of this great nation. Originally, I despised the show. Then, I watched the season finale' won by Carrie Underwood. To be completely honest, I kept watching because she is not...well, ugly...Anyway, I had an interest in the show from then on.

The next season started, sluggish at first, but the momentum started building when I heard a few great auditions. Then it came to the stage; and I was bored out of my mind. However, a soft-spoken Southerner came on and sang "Hemorrhage" by Fuel. I have, to this day, never heard it sung better. I have never jumped up and down on a couch from a performance before or since, and I had to bow down to Chris Daughtry.

The season progressed, and Mr. Daughtry was robbed! A few short months after the Grey-Haired, Dancing Nobody won, Daughtry's album came out and exploded off the shelves. I was one of the people who purchased it the day it came out. Unfortunately, everyone hates those songs now because of the radio overplaying them. But no one can deny the raw talent that man has.

Well, needless to say I've been disappointed by the Idols since (less so with David Cook but a little) Chris Daughtry, and so far the auditions offer nothing but the same. I don't think I've ever heard so many people slaughter Bon Jovi in the span of 10 minutes! I know I don't have the best voice in the world, but man, these people are just bad! It's hard to tell if they are just good ol' fashioned American Dreamers, or if they are just American Idiots.

Some people just need to accept that they aren't meant to be rock stars. But this sparks the question in my head and in my heart: Am I a dreamer? or am I just another American Idiot trying to prove myself with the brand of my guitar and not the brand of my voice?

*Thanks to the great Green Day album for the term "American Idiot."


  1. I don't know what it is about Idol. Sometimes I watch the auditions and I wonder why I am watching them because they are stressful. I love it when it gets down to just a night of performances and a night of results. It gives me something to look forward to in the yucky time of year. I still love Daughtry and his CD, overplayed or not. I love David Cook, too, but I think the reason his CD was just so-so was because of his Idol contract. I expect amazing things from him in the future!

  2. Welcome to the blog-o-sphere! I like to watch Idol every now and again. They have found some really talented people and some of the not so talented as well. Hop over to my blog sometime if you want too. - you should be able to figure the nick names. http://onceuponatime-bigsister.blogspot.com/

  3. Very well written, my friend! Can't wait to read more in the future. :)